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Month: November 2010
New Widget & Alabama/FEMA Facebook Page - November 30, 2010 by dharkanjhel
Posted by: Shayne Adamski, Senior Manager, Digital Engagement

We’ve partnered with the Alabama Emergency Management Agency to create a joint Facebook page as an additional way to reach Alabama residents during the response and recovery efforts after the severe storms and tornadoes.

And as we support multiple states that are impacted by the severe storms, I wanted to provide a list of other online resources:

Alabama Emergency Management Agency
Facebook full site / Facebook mobile site
Twitter full site / Twitter mobile site
Information on volunteering

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
Facebook full site / Facebook mobile site
Twitter full site / Twitter mobile site
Information on volunteering

Georgia Emergency Management Agency
Facebook full site / Facebook mobile site
Twitter full site / Twitter mobile site

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Facebook full site / Facebook mobile site
Twitter full site / Twitter mobile site

People can also receive Twitter updates via text message from their respective emergency management agencies. You don’t need your own Twitter account to receive these updates, but keep in mind that standard text messaging rates apply:

  • For the Alabama Emergency Management Agency Twitter updates text follow AlabamaEMA to 40404 (this is Twitter’s text message number).
  • For the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Twitter updates text follow MSEMA to 40404
  • For the Georgia Emergency Management Agency Twitter updates text follow GeorgiaEMA to 40404
  • For FEMA Twitter updates text follow FEMA to 40404

In addition to helping us spread the word about the above online resources, please embed this widget on your website to help us spread the word for how disaster survivors can apply for assistance and other resources to assist them:

Here’s the code for the English widget:

<iframe width=”250″ height=”460″ scrolling=”no” marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ frameborder=”0″ src=”” title=”Are you a disaster survivor?”></iframe>

Here’s the code for the Spanish widget:

<iframe width=”250″ height=”420″ scrolling=”no” marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ frameborder=”0″ src=”” title=”¿Es sobreviviente de un desastre?”></iframe>


Online and Mobile Resources for Helping Survivors - November 30, 2010 by dharkanjhel

Posted by: Public Affairs

Edited: April 30, 10 pm EDT
Related Blog Post: New Widget & Alabama/FEMA Facebook Page

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those affected by the severe storms and tornadoes that hit much of the southeastern U.S. As part of the team responding to the severe weather in the South, we continue to support communities and states as they assess the situation and provide life-saving and life-sustaining support.

Below is a list of online resources you can use and pass on to others who may have been affected. Included in this list are resources that are accessible via smartphones and other mobile devices. And if you’re looking for our latest updates, visit the Severe Storms / Tornadoes category on the blog.

If you’re on a desktop or laptop computer:

If you only have access to a smartphone or mobile device:


VIDEO: Taking stock after the tornadoes - November 26, 2010 by dharkanjhel

People in six US states badly affected by tornadoes are beginning the massive clean-up operation, and in many cases starting to rebuild their entire lives.

Church groups are providing both spiritual and physical support, while the Red Cross is providing food and shelter for those who have lost their homes in the storms.

Meanwhile the search for survivors and the recovery of bodies continues.

Tom Burridge reports from Washington.

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Why Do People Still Elect to Live Along Coastal Waters? - November 22, 2010 by dharkanjhel

Just one month ago, the devastation of Cyclone Yasi which developed into a level 5 storm, was a sign of things to come with new problems appearing across Asia and Australia. The Yasi storm was spotted on January 26th, 2011 as a low-pressure system, but then it rapidly turned for the worse. Many Aussie’s were ready to compare the storm to what they experienced in 1974. Sending waves in excess of 30 feet near Queensland, Australia, with gusty winds that reached 180 MPH. So far to date, there has been at least 3-billion dollars in property damages.
Still with all the property damage, and the storms that threaten the coast, it is still hard to imagine why people still elect to live along the coast line. WIth now almost 30,000 people in Japan either killed or missing because of the earthquake and the destruction caused by the tsunami that followed, the question still exists why people live near the coast. So now what. As always, people seem to stand by sometimes in fear, but refuse to take action for themselves. The age-old belief still exists and most likely will always exist  ”that can’t happen to me” theory. Just ask the survivors in Japan. People there face constant danger of earthquakes. It was just a matter of time before a Tsunami such as the one that followed the 9.0 earthquake would take its toll. But the undenying fact is that the people who lived there knew that such a tragedy could happen, but they lived in denial.
In the United States, it is the calm before the storm. The people of the Southern coast of the United States dodged a bullet in 2010, as NO major tropical storms actually affected the coastline, especially in the wake of the oil spill which had so many people worried. The oil spill alone caused so much damage and destruction to the Gulf inhabitants, and the people who live off of the Gulf for their livelyhood. But what is happening today. The fact is that people just seem to ‘forget’. It is easy to forget, mainly because people ‘want’ to forget. They still believe that ‘lightning doesn’t strike in the same place – twice’. But I can assure you that it does, and that it will happen again in the future. Maybe not this year or next year or the next ten or fifty years, but it will happen again. But the age-old question surfaces again… ‘How well will you be prepared for another bad storm?’ The undeniable answer is ” Not well enough!”

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A Complete Guide for Finding a Home for Sale in Phoenix - November 20, 2010 by dharkanjhel

Buying a house can be very exciting, especially if it is your first home. You enjoy driving around and looking at houses for sale in Phoenix, viewing various homes, imagining how you would decorate or renovate the house to suit your individual taste and preference, and negotiating prices. TAGS: phoenix real estate, phoenix real estate listings, phoenix arizona real estate, houses for sale phoenix, phoenix foreclosures, phoenix az real estate
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HWY 11 closed 30km south of Temagami Update - November 16, 2010 by dharkanjhel

Temagami OPP advise motorists that HWY 11 south of Temagami is now open.


Temagami OPP advise motorists that as of 10am HWY 11 is closed 30 km south of Temagami due to a single vehicle … continued on News

TD 16W [UNNAMED] – Update #001 - November 12, 2010 by dharkanjhel

  for Friday, 22 October 2010 [11:35 AM PhT] <<>>Get the latest SMS Storm Alerts!For more details: Text T2K HELP to 2800 (Globe/TM) | 216 (Smart/TNT) | 2288 (Sun) *only P2.50 (Smart/Globe) / P2.00 (
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Super Typhoon MEGI [JUAN] has made landfall over Northern Isabela…[Update #017] - November 10, 2010 by dharkanjhel

  for Monday, 18 October 2010 [1:32 PM PhT] <<>>Get the latest Hourly SMS Storm Alerts on JUAN!For more details: Text T2K TYPHOON to 2800 (Globe/TM) | 216 (Smart/TNT) | 2288 (Sun) *only P2.50 (Smart
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Factoring Can Leverage a Customer's Strength - November 9, 2010 by dharkanjhel

There has always been price wars in high profile categories such as poultry, milk or beer, placing much of the focus on the potential long-term damage to suppliers if these price reductions are funded by squeezing suppliers. Squeezing supplier prices has always been a challenge in countries like Australian where there tends to be few extremely large players in a small market. TAGS:
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VIDEO: Syrian soldier ‘defects’ claim rebels - November 6, 2010 by dharkanjhel

Opposition websites are showing footage purportedly of a soldier who says he deserted after being ordered to fire on unarmed protesters in Damascus.

Syrian soldiers and tanks have been firing in the city of Deraa, a centre of protests against President Bashar al-Assad’s rule, residents say.

The Syrian army is reported to have seized control of the Omari mosque which has become a centre for anti-government protests.

Foreign journalists are not allowed into Syria, so the BBC’s Wyre Davies sent this report from the Jordanian-Syrian border.

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