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Month: June 2011
It's the Most Economical Advertising Since Ink Met Paper - June 30, 2011 by dharkanjhel

Printed postcards are probably the most economical form of printed advertising since the introduction of ink and paper. TAGS: custom postcards, most economical cars, most economical printer, photo postcards, postcards from italy beirut, postcards from yo momma
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GC Capital Ideas Top Stories: June 2011 - June 30, 2011 by dharkanjhel

1. Wide Range of Outcomes Seen in June 1, 2011, Florida Reinsurance Renewals: The June 1, 2011, renewals took place against the backdrop of record first-half catastrophe losses and uncertainty…

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Personality | How Important Is Personalization To Your Email Marketing Campaign? - June 29, 2011 by dharkanjhel

How Important Is Personalization To Your Email Marketing Campaign? Free Online Articles Directory Why Submit Articles? Top Authors Top Articles FAQ    .. more …

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Household Security – Secure Residential and Commercial Public Self Storage Services and Facilities in Pembroke Pines, Hollywood and Miramar, FL - June 29, 2011 by dharkanjhel

Most households and families these days have a problem with home storage space. If this is an issue simply with expanding families and possessions, it becomes even more crucial when moving house. Somehow, one always seems to have more things than can be accommodated in the new place.  While in the process of moving and settling down, one would need even temporary storage space. Even businesses often find need for additional storage space. For many people, storage solutions come in the form of secure residential and commercial public self storage services and facilities. Fortunately, these are available most everywhere, including Pembroke Pines, Hollywood and Miramar, FL.

Secure residential and commercial public self storage services and facilities are housed in a storage building with individual storage units or storage containers. Storage rental can be made for mini storage similar to the size of lockers or for huge storage spaces. You can even rent storage space for motorcycle storage. Common sizes of storage units are 10 feet by 5 feet which is like a closet, 10 feet square, 10 feet by 20 feet which is equivalent to a one car garage, 15 feet by 20 feet, and 20 feet square which is like a two car garage.

A typical public self storage unit is windowless, has a wire mesh or chain link ceiling and has a roll up metal door similar to a one car garage door. It is kept secure by a lock that only the renter holds. Facility management does not have access to each self storage unit.

Nowadays, many public self storage services and facilities have advanced security features. They may have computer-controlled electronic gates to the individual storage units, using a key card, proximity card or biometric means of access such as fingerprint or hand scanning. This ensures that only the tenant can access his or her rented unit. They may also use surveillance cameras and sophisticated alarms to complement their security personnel.

Many things have indeed changed in public self storage services and facilities. In the early days, most of these facilities were drive-up single story units relying on natural ventilation. Today, especially in urban areas, many public self storage services and facilities are housed in tall buildings. There are loading docks on the first level where rolling carts and moving dollies may be provided for the complimentary use of clients. Elevators or freight lifts are available to bring the goods to the appropriate floors. Climate control is also used because most units are located in the interior of the building.

The demand for public self storage services and facilities has grown so much in the United States that statistics show one in every ten households renting a self storage unit. Numbers also point to about 40 million people in the US moving every year, creating even more need for public self storage services and facilities.

In fact, as early as the end of 2007, 9,514 companies have already developed 52,000 public self storage facilities totalling 2.2 billion square feet of storage space in the United States. This land area is thrice the size of Manhattan Island.

Many residential and commercial public self storage services and facilities combine their storage and moving services. They provide moving u-haul trucks rentals as well as moving supplies such as boxes. In some cases, the trucks are provided for free. In other companies, the supplies can be bought even without availing of storage services.

So if you are moving, or if you simply find that you are running out of home storage space, you need not worry. You can find secure residential and commercial public self storage services and facilities in Pembroke Pines, Hollywood and Miramar, FL.

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Be a Good Logo Designer - June 28, 2011 by dharkanjhel

Recently I find an excellent article which reveals how a good logo designs. We, as designers, to design a unique and memorable Logo can be quite an ordeal. The article indicates that you should show your clients between 5 and 10 proposals Logo. I personally would not recommend it because it would be too many [...]

Communications | Supreme Court TV, the profanity, nudity matter Decide - June 28, 2011 by dharkanjhel

The judge decided that a decision of an appeals court in New York, to review at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as unconstitutional vague political nature arrived indecent. The appellate court held transmitter could not for the insult to the singer Cher and actress Nicole Richie on awards based on the network, by News Corp. 's Fox TV or the U2 singer Bono to be punished in another    .. more …

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Michele Bachmann and “facts” about lost jobs - June 27, 2011 by dharkanjhel

Rep. Michele Bachmann

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., on ‘Face the Nation,’ Sunday, June 26, 2011.

CBS/Chris Usher)

Sometimes in politics, the truth gets in the way of a good story, or at least the appearance of a good story. President Obama is keen on saying that his opponents are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts. But politicians are human, and they often stretch facts or leave out some context to the information they are citing.

Michele Bachmann, who is often described as playing fast and loose with some facts, continued that tradition on today’s “Face the Nation.” When asked by Bob Schieffer about what she would do to create jobs, she quickly cited a favorite fact of hers:

“So if we cut back the corporate tax rate, if we would zero out the capital gains, right, allow for a 100 percent expensing when a job creator buys equipment for their business, that would go a long way towards job creators recognizing that this is a pro-business environment. But right now, businesses are looking at the uncertainty. They know that ‘Obamacare’ is coming down the pike. The Congressional Budget Office estimated ‘Obamacare’ will cost the economy 800,000 jobs,” she said.

Schieffer quickly pointed out that some disagree with her statement about the President’s health care reform law. “Again, that is data that other people would question,” he stated.

Not to be tripped up, Bachmann went to the source: “That’s, well, that’s the Congressional Budget Office. That’s not Michelle Bachmann. That’s Congressional Budget Office figures saying that we’re – we have the potential of losing 800,000 jobs. Why, in this economy, would you put this very expensive, unwieldy program that’s going to cost jobs when job creation – that’s our real problem right now?” she asked.

A few weeks ago she made the claim in a debate with fellow Republican presidential candidates. “The CBO, the Congressional Budget Office, has said that ‘Obamacare’ will kill 800,000 jobs,” she said. “What could the president be thinking by passing a bill like this, knowing full well it will kill 800,000 jobs?”

On its face, it seems pretty unbelievable that the President – any president – would knowingly destroy 800,000 jobs. In fact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning found Bachmann’s statement to be “barely true,”

To her credit, the 800,000 number IS in the CBO’s report, but Bachmann fails both in the context of the number and in the way she uses it.

She uses the fact to suggest that the law will force employers to lay off 800,000 workers, hinting that regulations and taxes from the law will mandate a mass layoff.

The CBO suggested that employment – not necessarily job positions – could be reduced because some low-income and older Americans who work solely to provide health insurance for their families would leave the workforce, because the new law provides them easier access to insurance. These would be people who are no longer looking for work, because they would choose to leave the workforce.

In testimony from March 2011, CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf wrote, “the legislation will affect individual’s decisions on both whether to participate in the workforce and the number of hours they work.” The health care law could “diminish people’s incentives to work,” he wrote, if they didn’t need to other than to obtain health coverage.

While the CBO notes that employers’ decisions to hire workers “will also be affected,” it does not suggest any sort of jobs lost number. The CBO says that some firms may hire more part-time or seasonal workers. The report goes on to say that some workers may be able to take better jobs if employer-provided health care is not an issue. It also states that a healthier workforce could lead to a more productive economy.

“To the extent that changes in the health insurance system lead to better health care among workers, the nation’s economic productivity could be enhanced,” it said.

Overall, Bachmann uses the 800,000 number to suggest that employers would trim 800,000 jobs as a result of health reform. The CBO is not suggesting that at all, and in fact, the report does not make any projection on the effect of health reform on the unemployment rate.

Politifact described Bachmann’s citation of 800,000 jobs lost as “an exaggeration of what CBO said,” and that her statement “leaves out so many qualifiers that it becomes misleading.”

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Design Railroad Scales For Your Offered Spots - June 26, 2011 by dharkanjhel

Some of the most prevalent queries among individuals who desires model train types are linked to model train scales most of the time . A array of product railroad scales can be overwhelming simply because there are number of of the regarded scales wherever the particular person can opt for from . You ought to comprehend the variances in among product railroad scales . Train scales are individually marked by letter to distinguish the measurement and ability of it. The letter that go…
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About credit repair - June 26, 2011 by dharkanjhel

The 775creditscore is one of the few websites that provides comprehensive information about the ways to manage bad credit. It also features a manual on the same topic that can be bought from the website.
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Considering the Right Satellite Phones Plan - June 25, 2011 by dharkanjhel

The providers of Satellite phone are giving out variety of plans to their loyal customers for ensuring that they can exist well. Sat phones are something that has to be chosen so that it would nicely suit all the factors of need. The plans are consisting of prepaid, monthly post paid, and also the hibernation [...]

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