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United Arab Emirates Promotes Alternative Energy - January 29, 2012 by dharkanjhel

Research will be coordinated through the Energy Technology Partnership, an alliance of 12 independent Scottish universities engaged in energy-related research, development and demonstration. With around 250 faculty members and 700 researchers, it is the largest power and energy research partnership in Europe.

“From wind and solar energy to the potential of wave technology, Scotland is a strong advocate for the advancement of renewable energy,” Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber, chief executive of Masdar, said last week at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi in discussing the initiative. “Our countries share a similar vision where new forms of power will complement and help balance the global energy mix.”

Although no specific projects have been defined, the framework of the agreement outlines a detailed action plan to deliver tangible clean energy

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3D printed record sort of plays “Still Alive” - January 28, 2012 by dharkanjhel

We all know the wonderful thing that can be done — and will be able to be done — with 3D printers. You can make yourself a great coat hanger, a killer companion cube, or even the parts for another 3D printer. That said, today there are still limitations on what one can do with extruded plastic.

One brilliant project that immediately grabbed my attention was an attempt to print a record that works with the Fisher Price toy record player. If you’ve never seen one of these, it’s a children’s wind-up toy that plays music off plastic discs. The clever part is that the records have these tabs in the tracks that push the “needle” and make sounds. It’s not entirely

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New rules could boost New England renewable power - January 23, 2012 by dharkanjhel

BOSTON (AP) — New England is decidedly short on coal mines and oil wells, but electricity grid watchers say a recent federal order could help the region finally unlock the power in the energy sources it does have.

A federal order issued last fall is intended to make it easier to construct transmission lines, costly and controversial projects that are notoriously tough to build.

More wires are badly needed in New England to connect customers to the region’s often remote sources of renewable power, which is needed because all six states have committed to using increasing amounts of renewable energy.

To date, the grid managers who plan transmission projects have focused almost exclusively on “reliability” — whether such projects would help keep power flowing when demand is high, such as on a stifling summer day.

But as part of the new FERC order, managers also must plan

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Feds: Religious employers must cover the pill (AP) - January 20, 2012 by dharkanjhel

WASHINGTON – Many church-affiliated institutions will have to cover free birth control for their employees, the Obama administration announced Friday in an election-year decision certain to upset conservatives and add to the national debate about the reach of government.

Granting a concession, however, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said nonprofit institutions such as church-affiliated hospitals, colleges and social service agencies will have one year more to comply with the requirement than most other employers.

“I believe this proposal strikes the appropriate balance between respecting religious freedom and increasing access to important preventive services,” Sebelius said in a statement.

That’s unlikely to stop a determined effort by social conservatives to block or overturn the requirement.

The decision is “a radical incursion into freedom of conscience,” said Deirdre McQuade, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. “Never before in U.S. history has the federal government forced citizens to purchase directly what violates

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Turning Waste into Energy: the Win-Win-Win solution - January 16, 2012 by dharkanjhel


Prepared by Siyenza Management for Africa Energy Indaba


Biogas is probably the best kept secret in the renewable energy industry.

Organic waste is one of the untapped sources of natural energy available today. “It’s a simple solution that can be deployed in as quickly as three days but people don’t know too much about it”, says Jonathan de Magalhães, Managing Director of Ubuntu Energy Solutions. While biogas is used all over the world –India for example has more than 4.5 million digesters–harnessing biogas energy in South Africa is practically unknown. Only a small number of digesters have been built successfully and commissioned to date – a loss to the renewable industry sector in the country since biogas fulfils all of the criteria relating to environmental sustainability, requires a relatively low technological input and is cost effective to implement. 

Biogas typically refers to the gas which is produced by the biological breakdown of

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Fireball Captures Attention of Hundreds of Sky Watchers - January 14, 2012 by dharkanjhel

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Solar Activity at Eruptive Levels and So Are Volcanoes - January 12, 2012 by dharkanjhel

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UPDATE: 2nd M-Class Flare with CME Sets Off - January 11, 2012 by dharkanjhel

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Siberia 6.6 Earthquake Same Area of Soyuz Rocket Crash - January 9, 2012 by dharkanjhel

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More Earth Directed CMEs On Their Way - January 8, 2012 by dharkanjhel

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