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Household Security – All About Security Alarm System in Homes and Offices - July 25, 2011 by dharkanjhel

Security alarm system in homes and offices will give you peace of mind because it will keep you safe and secure from the intruders.

It would be wise if homeowners and business owners provide a security alarm system in their home and offices. There is no better way to secure your home, assets, valuables and the person you care about than having a security alarm system. It will be give 24 hours security all year round.

One of the benefits of using a security alarm system for the homeowners is it will reduce the rate of the homeowner’s insurance in some instances.

The homeowners and business owners will have a peace of mind when they have the knowledge that their property is protected. You can get the service of the security system company to provide the installation of the alarm system in your home and offices. This security system company will be the one responsible in monitoring your home and office whether you are there or not. The security alarm system basically never turns off; the people within the location can set the alarm and stay protected inside the location or the system can be set to guard the location when the inhabitants are away. In order to maintain the service of the security system company, an initial investment and monthly payment is needed.

Basically, the need to use security monitoring services via outsourcing companies and other avenues may not only result in saving our valuables but the most important thing is it might save lives. These security system companies offer a selection of different security monitoring packages that will suit your needs and these packages also vary in terms of monthly costs and equipments. You can choose a package that is most suitable for your needs whether it’s for home or business use.

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Jayesh Bagde -
About the Author:

For more information on Security Alarm Systems please visit our website.

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Household Security

Michele Bachmann and “facts” about lost jobs - June 27, 2011 by dharkanjhel

Rep. Michele Bachmann

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., on ‘Face the Nation,’ Sunday, June 26, 2011.

CBS/Chris Usher)

Sometimes in politics, the truth gets in the way of a good story, or at least the appearance of a good story. President Obama is keen on saying that his opponents are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts. But politicians are human, and they often stretch facts or leave out some context to the information they are citing.

Michele Bachmann, who is often described as playing fast and loose with some facts, continued that tradition on today’s “Face the Nation.” When asked by Bob Schieffer about what she would do to create jobs, she quickly cited a favorite fact of hers:

“So if we cut back the corporate tax rate, if we would zero out the capital gains, right, allow for a 100 percent expensing when a job creator buys equipment for their business, that would go a long way towards job creators recognizing that this is a pro-business environment. But right now, businesses are looking at the uncertainty. They know that ‘Obamacare’ is coming down the pike. The Congressional Budget Office estimated ‘Obamacare’ will cost the economy 800,000 jobs,” she said.

Schieffer quickly pointed out that some disagree with her statement about the President’s health care reform law. “Again, that is data that other people would question,” he stated.

Not to be tripped up, Bachmann went to the source: “That’s, well, that’s the Congressional Budget Office. That’s not Michelle Bachmann. That’s Congressional Budget Office figures saying that we’re – we have the potential of losing 800,000 jobs. Why, in this economy, would you put this very expensive, unwieldy program that’s going to cost jobs when job creation – that’s our real problem right now?” she asked.

A few weeks ago she made the claim in a debate with fellow Republican presidential candidates. “The CBO, the Congressional Budget Office, has said that ‘Obamacare’ will kill 800,000 jobs,” she said. “What could the president be thinking by passing a bill like this, knowing full well it will kill 800,000 jobs?”

On its face, it seems pretty unbelievable that the President – any president – would knowingly destroy 800,000 jobs. In fact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning found Bachmann’s statement to be “barely true,”

To her credit, the 800,000 number IS in the CBO’s report, but Bachmann fails both in the context of the number and in the way she uses it.

She uses the fact to suggest that the law will force employers to lay off 800,000 workers, hinting that regulations and taxes from the law will mandate a mass layoff.

The CBO suggested that employment – not necessarily job positions – could be reduced because some low-income and older Americans who work solely to provide health insurance for their families would leave the workforce, because the new law provides them easier access to insurance. These would be people who are no longer looking for work, because they would choose to leave the workforce.

In testimony from March 2011, CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf wrote, “the legislation will affect individual’s decisions on both whether to participate in the workforce and the number of hours they work.” The health care law could “diminish people’s incentives to work,” he wrote, if they didn’t need to other than to obtain health coverage.

While the CBO notes that employers’ decisions to hire workers “will also be affected,” it does not suggest any sort of jobs lost number. The CBO says that some firms may hire more part-time or seasonal workers. The report goes on to say that some workers may be able to take better jobs if employer-provided health care is not an issue. It also states that a healthier workforce could lead to a more productive economy.

“To the extent that changes in the health insurance system lead to better health care among workers, the nation’s economic productivity could be enhanced,” it said.

Overall, Bachmann uses the 800,000 number to suggest that employers would trim 800,000 jobs as a result of health reform. The CBO is not suggesting that at all, and in fact, the report does not make any projection on the effect of health reform on the unemployment rate.

Politifact described Bachmann’s citation of 800,000 jobs lost as “an exaggeration of what CBO said,” and that her statement “leaves out so many qualifiers that it becomes misleading.”

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About credit repair - June 26, 2011 by dharkanjhel

The 775creditscore is one of the few websites that provides comprehensive information about the ways to manage bad credit. It also features a manual on the same topic that can be bought from the website.
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Continental European Legislative and Judicial Trends: Statute of Limitation and the Obligation to Complain About Professional Legal Malpractice in the Netherlands - June 8, 2011 by dharkanjhel

David Lewin, Managing Director
Overview of Legal Malpractice 
Legal malpractice occurs when a lawyer’s misconduct or failure to use adequate level of care, skill or diligence in the…

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Video: John Goodman visits David Letterman, chats about weight loss - January 9, 2011 by dharkanjhel

Bonus clip: Harry Connick Jr. on the show last week.

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