Turning Waste into Energy: the Win-Win-Win solution - January 16, 2012 by dharkanjhel


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Biogas is probably the best kept secret in the renewable energy industry.

Organic waste is one of the untapped sources of natural energy available today. “It’s a simple solution that can be deployed in as quickly as three days but people don’t know too much about it”, says Jonathan de Magalhães, Managing Director of Ubuntu Energy Solutions. While biogas is used all over the world –India for example has more than 4.5 million digesters–harnessing biogas energy in South Africa is practically unknown. Only a small number of digesters have been built successfully and commissioned to date – a loss to the renewable industry sector in the country since biogas fulfils all of the criteria relating to environmental sustainability, requires a relatively low technological input and is cost effective to implement. 

Biogas typically refers to the gas which is produced by the biological breakdown of

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